Deploying OpenVPN Server with Pi-hole

Secured internet, private, and ads-free. Well, that isn't a lie. I just rebuilt my own private server to use this service, and the result is incredible.

Deploying OpenVPN Server with Pi-hole

The difference between left and right is no more ads showing (they are using Google Ads).


  • Ubuntu Server
  • Public IP Address

Install OpenVPN

curl -O
chmod +x
sudo ./

Follow the installer instruction, set the DNS Server to

Install Pi-hole

curl -sSL | bash

Follow the installer instruction, set the interface to tun0 and set the IP to with gateway

Once installed, connect to the VPN (use the profile that provided by ). Access http://pi.hole on the browser, and voila; That is pi.hole admin page, to configure pi.hole like whitelist, blacklist and updating pi.hole is can be done there. Also, the internet is already filtered by pi.hole.


  • Stable for online game, like Counter Strike : Global Offensive, Grand Theft Auto Online.
  • Netflix follow the VPN server region.
  • This is a VPN, your internet is secured.

Extra #2

This tutorial can be done with instant deploy from DigitalOcean:

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